Free Computer Help

Free Computer Help for slow loading or system hanging issues. Do It yourself and enjoy best speed and functionality of your System.

Several Laptops and PC are sleeping at home without use due to slow loading or system hanging issues.

If we understand how to optimize or how to maintain laptops and PC devices it will be easy to handle our tasks easily. Below are the stages in using a laptop or PC for a smooth run.

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Computer help Cleaning and Optimization

1. Cleaning.

This helps you to clean unwanted files in your system.  This is also clean the unwanted startup application if required.

2. Organizing drive spaces.

Os installation in the hard drive should be easy and with clean space.  So you need to organize your Hard drive space in to multiple divisions. The Os installation drive should not be loaded with junk files, temp files, and unsorted files which may slow down the process of your computer.

3. Knowledge about how and where to store files.

4. Energy management.